Project Homekey 2.0 - Expansion Project Homekey 3.0

CEO - Homeless Initiative

County Spending Category
1.1 Housing for People Experiencing Homelessness
Federal Expenditure Category
Long-term Housing Security: Affordable Housing
Project Launch Date
Anticipated End Date

Project Contacts

Indicators & Metrics to Date

  • Permanent Housing Supportive Units
  • Interim Housing Beds
  • Number of Affordable Housing Units Preserved or Developed
  • Number of Master Agreements Executed
  • Number of Applications

Target Populations

  • People Experiencing Homelessness

Project Description

As a part of the State of California’s Department of Housing and Community Development’s (HCD’s) Homekey Round 3 program, the County of Los Angeles is jointly applying with affordable housing developers and homeless services providers (co-applicants) for funding to acquire properties that will be used as permanent and temporary housing for people experiencing homelessness. The County will provide ARPA funding to support the local match required in some instances for the acquisition, rehabilitation, and operation of these properties. The properties will provide housing to the most vulnerable residents of the County of Los Angeles, all of whom have been impacted by COVID-19. After the onset of the pandemic, the number of deaths among people experiencing homelessness (PEH) in LA County increased, going from 1271 deaths pre-pandemic (March 31, 2019-April 1, 2020) to 1988 deaths (April 1, 2020-March 31, 2021). While COVID-19 became the third leading cause of death among PEH in the post-pandemic onset year, the overall increase was driven to an equal or more considerable degree by increases in overdoses, homicide, congenital heart disease, and traffic injury deaths. Evidence shows the COVID-19 pandemic may have exacerbated stressors already present in the lives of PEH, leading to increases in other causes of death, even as we redoubled our COVID-19 prevention efforts in this population. The Homekey Round 3 program will help reduce these stressors and create more stability for PEH, increasing their ability to secure safe housing and comprehensive supportive services to stabilize and maintain their housing. Properties designated for interim housing will serve families, single adults, or transition-aged youth (TAY) experiencing homelessness. They will provide health and mental health services, employment services, access to benefits, and support in identifying and securing permanent housing. Properties designated for permanent supportive housing will be used to provide homeless, disabled adults with long-term rental subsidies and intensive case management services (ICMS), a model that has been proven to the highly effective in enabling chronically homeless households to retain their housing.

Goals & Objectives

Goal Description Through Homekey Round 3, CEO-HI will seek to apply to the State in partnership with developers and seek to acquire sites that will add an additional 500 units of housing by December 31, 2024.

Objective Description Enter into at least 25 master agreements by December 31, 2023 with qualified developers to acquire and develop properties by December 31, 2024.

Activity Description By March 1, 2023 release and response to both an RFSQ and RFI in order to qualify developers to partner with the County on Homekey Round 3 NOFA to the State.
# Type Name Baseline Target
1 Performance Number of Master Agreements Executed 10.00 50.00

Objective Description Partner with at least 5 developers as co-applicants to apply to the State by July 1, 2023.

Activity Description Apply to the State's Homekey 3 NOFA by July 1, 2023.
# Type Name Baseline Target
1 Performance Number of Applications 5.00 10.00

Outcome Description Acquire up to 500 units of PSH and IH to support LA County PEH.