Projects Design Approval Process Report

Projects In Design

Project Department Launch Date End Date
Small Business Rent Relief ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY 11/17/2021 11/28/2021
Shop Local Campaigns ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY 12/08/2022 12/30/2023
Permanent Supportive Housing Through New Modular and Prefabrication Construction - Rancho Los Amigos Interim Housing CEO Capital Projects 12/01/2022
Funding New Private Sector Affordable Housing Development CEO-Affordable Housing 09/20/2022 09/20/2025
Administrative Costs CEO Costs
Project Homekey 2.0 CEO - Homeless Initiative 10/19/2021 05/01/2022
Ethnic and Hyperlocal Media CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICE 01/17/2023 12/31/2024
Job Programs for Reentry Populations - Fire Camp Expansion JUSTICE CARE OPPORTUNITY 10/01/2023 12/31/2026
Ethnic and Hyperlocal Media CONSUMER AND BUSINESS AFFAIRS 12/01/2022
Public Health Emergency Funding HEALTH SERVICES
Food Distribution Program - Baby Formula HEALTH SERVICES
Public Health Emergency Funding INTERNAL SERVICES DEPT
Alternative Crisis Response MENTAL HEALTH 07/01/2022 12/31/2024
Home Visiting PUBLIC HEALTH 12/01/2022 12/31/2024
Food Distribution Program PUBLIC HEALTH
Public Health Emergency Funding PUBLIC HEALTH
Public Wi-Fi at County Parks PARKS & RECREATION DEPARTMENT 11/30/2021 06/30/2024
Disaster Services Workers and Pandemic-Related Costs CEO Costs
Capital Projects - MacLaren Park CEO Capital Projects 07/01/2022 03/31/2026
Capital Projects - North Hollywood Integrated Health Center CEO Capital Projects 11/01/2026
Permanent Supportive Housing Through New Modular and Prefabrication Construction - West LA Armory Housing CEO Capital Projects 12/31/2024 11/30/0024
Harm Reduction Expansion HEALTH SERVICES 11/30/2021 12/14/2021
Close Men's Central Jail & Divert People with Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICE
Black Homeownership and Wealth Preservation CONSUMER AND BUSINESS AFFAIRS 09/30/2022
Housing for Health Permanent Supportive Housing HEALTH SERVICES
Expansion of School-Based Mentorship for Young Black Men HEALTH SERVICES
Breaking Barriers Rapid Rehousing and Jobs Program HEALTH SERVICES
African American Infant and Maternal Mortality Initiative Doula Program PUBLIC HEALTH
Substance Use Disorder Workforce Initiative PUBLIC HEALTH
Harm Reduction Expansion (PH) PUBLIC HEALTH 02/14/2022 03/14/2022
Recovery Bridge Housing PUBLIC HEALTH
Substance Use Disorder Court-Based Diversion PUBLIC HEALTH
LeadOn Reentry Navigators YOUTH DEVELOPMENT
My Brothers' & Sisters' Keeper Program YOUTH DEVELOPMENT 09/01/2023 08/31/2026
Job Readiness, Training and Placements for Adults ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY
ODR Permanent Diversion Permanent Supportive Housing HEALTH SERVICES 07/01/2022 06/30/2025
Housing for Health (H4H) Permanent Housing Expansion HEALTH SERVICES 05/15/2023 05/15/2026
POWR - Providing Opportunities for Women in Reentry JUSTICE CARE OPPORTUNITY
Capital Projects - General Hospital CEO Capital Projects 01/31/2026 01/31/2035
Capital Projects - Revitalization of Mother's Beach and Marina Improvements CEO Capital Projects 02/01/2024 11/30/2025
Capital Projects - H. Claude Hudson Urgent Care Expansion CEO Capital Projects 09/30/2023
Capital Projects - Trans-Inclusive Housing CEO Capital Projects
Capital Projects - Pathway Torrance Assistance Center CEO Capital Projects
Capital Projects - MdR Parking Structure Development CEO Capital Projects 12/11/2023 09/30/2026
Capital Projects - Project Angel Food CEO Capital Projects 03/31/2024 12/31/2024
Capital Programs: LACDA Public Housing Capital Improvements DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY
Microenterprise Home Kitchen Operations - DPH PUBLIC HEALTH 05/21/2024