Shop Local Campaigns


County Spending Category
2.1 Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs, and Nonprofits
Federal Expenditure Category
Economic Impact Assistance: Other
Project Launch Date
Anticipated End Date
Interpretation Languages
  • Spanish
  • Tagalog/Filipino
  • Mandarin
  • Cantonese
  • Vietnamese

Project Contacts

Indicators & Metrics to Date

  • Resident Pledges
  • Business Reached

Target Populations

  • Small Businesses

Project Description

The Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) created the Shop Local LA project to help small businesses overcome the negative economic impacts from the COVID-19 Pandemic by recovering their customer base lost during the pandemic, encouraging new consumer spending, and building overall financial resiliency. According to the Small Business Administration, “2019 Small Business Profiles show that small businesses added 1.8 million net new jobs in the United States,” and identified small businesses as having created approximately 47.3 percent of the private workforce. Economic recovery from the pandemic for small businesses is pivotal to local economic growth, stable employment, and preservation of unique local cultural identities. For the past two years, both in-person and virtual shopping habits have changed because of the public health and economic impacts of COVID-19, and a Shop Local campaign will encourage people to support local small businesses as engines of the economy. Shop local has been a concept implemented to facilitate community identity, promote local reinvestment, and ensure less homogenized products and services, as delivered through large chain stores or franchise business types. The effectiveness of these campaigns is linked to local purchasing opportunities that connect to customer values and desires to shop sustainably and consciously. Creating a connection between the local customer and the cultural, environmental identity of their community increases the likeliness of this local reinvestment. This project will create a Shop Local LA campaign where customers are engaged through curated experience-driven strategies that highlight the impact of their reinvestment and create communication with local small diverse business in their area. This project strengthens economic recovery for 400 small businesses by supporting a Shop Local LA branded campaign, which includes: (i) designing and implementing a robust, countywide marketing campaign to get the community engaged and shopping at local and diverse small businesses, (ii) providing digital marketing training and tools to 400 businesses in LA County to build on countywide efforts through business to business level promotion; and (iii) piloting a Shop Local web-based application with 50 businesses that connects small businesses to each other and consumers looking to shop locally. Small businesses with a focus on BIPOC, women, and limited digital literacy and English proficiency-owned businesses and those in the highest, high, and moderately COVID-19 impacted areas, particularly those with high unemployment, as determined by the Equity Explorer Tool will be given an opportunity to participate in the Shop Local campaign’s digital marketing training and app pilot. Additionally, the marketing campaign will target small businesses countywide with a focus on BIPOC, women, and limited digital literacy and English proficiency-owned businesses as well as those from historically disinvested communities. Access to these tools will enhance the online presence of small businesses across industries to increase customer awareness, engagement, and revenue streams, while strengthening consumer habits of socially and environmentally conscious purchasing behaviors.

Goals & Objectives

Goal Description La County residents are inspired to increase shop local habits through an online Shop Local LA webpage that identifies incentivization programs, captures at minimum 100,000 residents to take the pledge to “Shop Local LA”, and highlights the benefits of “Shop Local LA” purchasing habits that create compounded reinvestments locally, increase sustainability, and have positive environmental impacts by centralizing purchasing creating less sprawl, congestion, and pollution throughout the County.

Objective Description Create a social media toolkit for DEO and public consumption.

Activity Description Create a Shop Local webpage to host Pledges and establish method for tracking the #ShopLocalLA across social media platforms.

Activity Description Create social media toolkit in Shop Local Brand

Objective Description Create social media and leverage ethnic media to distribute culturally competent marketing assets.

Activity Description Ensure marketing materials complement translation into threshold languages.

Activity Description Create a listing for ethnic media partners.

Activity Description Use community and faith-based organization as well as other resident serving groups to increase residential awareness of campaign.

Objective Description Connect businesses to Shop Local branded ephemera and collaborate on incentivization strategies to increase customer awareness and participation.

Activity Description Identify ephemera that would be most marketable and procure items for distribution to participating businesses in Shop Local campaign.

Goal Description Assist businesses in 6 impacted small business corridors to ensure businesses who are "offline" are trained and brought online through existing digital tools and resources.

Objective Description Provide a list of services offered through Delete the Divide and existing online platforms as a resource for businesses on hosted Shop Local webpage.

Activity Description Meet with Delete the Divide team, identify services and meeting with external partners that offer business assistance for hosted online platforms.

Objective Description DEO's OSB team will host quarterly Digital Marketing workshops for participating businesses.

Activity Description Quarterly workshops for participating businesses hosted by OSB, either in person or virtually to get participants familiar with online tools and resources.

Objective Description Create a publicly viewable list of trainings and events for Shop Local.

Activity Description OSB will catalog upcoming events using Eventbrite for registration and will also have a hosted calendar on the webpage.

Goal Description Ensure small diverse businesses within the County of Los Angeles in the highest, high, and moderate COVID-19 impact areas increase their access to consumers by establishing an online presence through participation in 10 total workshops and webinars, totaling 400 attendees, that cover ecommerce, online customer engagement toll and free marketing resources.

Objective Description Identify corridors to target for on-street door-to-door canvassing of businesses with opportunity to sign up to participate in Shop Local events/trainings and informational sessions.

Activity Description Corridors will be listed in the higest, high tiers. OSB will ensure that participation is included in all five Supervisorial Districts.

Activity Description Create the schedule for teams that will go door-to-door for in-person canvassing. Identify partners to support and inform BOS offices of schedule.

Objective Description Host at minimum 5 interest sessions in each supervisorial district to provide more in-depth information about Shop Local campaign and participation to interested businesses.

Activity Description Capture business information for additional follow up on Shop Local events and trainings, also will be used to create a distribution list for ephemera.

Objective Description Ensure materials are multilingual, presentations are multilingual, and information provided is culturally competent.

Activity Description Ensure all sign up forms are translated into threshold languages.

Activity Description Translate marketing materials: flyers, promotional items, and other ephemera.

Goal Description The shop local campaign prioritizes the highest and high impacted businesses and assists in recovering from the negative impacts of COVID-19 by enabling a marketing campaign that fosters a sense of community between both business and consumer.

Objective Description Create a list of corridors to target for curate marketing items, identify translation and best deployment in the regions.

Activity Description Connect to CBOs and business development service providers to maximize distribution and awareness of campaign.

Goal Description Conduct a tour of Supervisorial Districts and host at minimum at least 1 large scale event.