Capital Projects - MLK Sexual Health Clinic

CEO Capital Projects

County Spending Category
3.4 Capital Projects
Federal Expenditure Category
Prevention in Congregate Settings (Nursing Homes, Prisons/Jails, Dense Work Sites, Schools, Child care facilities, etc.)
Project Launch Date
Anticipated End Date

Project Contacts

Indicators & Metrics to Date

  • Permit and Solicitation completed
  • Construction Complete
  • Completed Renovation

Target Populations

  • Systems Impacted Individuals
  • Individuals Experiencing Substance Use Disorders

Project Description

This project would renovate the existing Ted Watkins Building (increasing facilities to approximately 10,000 square feet) on the Martin Luther King Jr. Medical Campus to expand provision of much needed medical health, sexual health, mental health, and substance use disorder services for the surrounding community in one convenient location for patients, along with auxiliary campus signage to support patients visiting the MLK medical campus for services. The MLK Sexual Health Center (SHC) is the primary provider of HIV/AIDS care in South Los Angeles County and presently has insufficient space to meet existing and projected patient care needs. Construction work for the sexual health clinic will be delivered by the Department of Public Works (DPW) through a contractor, while service provision will be provided by the Department of Health Services (DHS). This renovation responds directly to needs highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic exposed the true severity of preexisting disparities in the communities served by MLK Campus, particularly in terms of access to care and resources and the ability for people to take care of themselves. The area surrounding the medical campus has some of the highest mortality rates and some of the lowest vaccination rates in the county, reflecting difficulty in access, gaps in health literacy, and lack of transportation. This is also a “highest need” by the COVID-19 Vulnerability Index and surrounded by many neighborhoods designated as “highest” and “high need.”

Goals & Objectives

Goal Description Promote recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic in a community that experienced disproportionate impact due to structural racism, socioeconomic disparities, and reduced access to healthcare.

Objective Description Increasing space will allow us to add integrated medical, mental health, and substance use services

Activity Description completing plan will ensure that we meet permitting requirements in time for construction to begin by 6/2023
# Type Name Baseline Target
1 Performance Covid treatment and Prevention
2 Service Delivery Covid treatment and Prevention
4 Performance Number of FTEs responding to COVID-19 supported under this authority
5 Service Delivery Permit and Solicitation completed 0.00 1.00
6 Service Delivery Construction Complete 0.00 1.00

Outcome Description Complete renovation and relocate existing services to expanded and revitalized facility serving at least five highest need census tract
# Type Name Baseline Target
1 Program Outcome Completed Renovation 1.00 1.00

Goal Description Strengthen the county’s health infrastructure by increasing the ability to prevent and respond to sexual health, primary and preventive care, behavioral health, and substance use disorder treatment in a community that has been historically underserved as a result of structural racism and inequity experienced by the LGBTQ+ community.

Objective Description Promote harm reduction by increasing availability of substance use disorder treatment and opioid use disorder treatment

Activity Description Upon opening for clinical services in January 2025, MLK Sexual Health Cener will provide on-site and virtual, group and individual SUD treatment options.

Objective Description Recruitment efforts to ensure all vacant positions filled by December 2024 to provide maximal access to services in the refurbished building

Activity Description Expand access to sexual health and primary care services

Outcome Description Enroll at least 700 members to patient panel in highest need census tract.

Goal Description Outreach to communities in highest need census track to ensure engagement and participation.

Objective Description Expanded services on Community Advisory Board monthly agenda beginning in January 2023.

Activity Description Engage Community Advisory Board by meeting for 10 out of every 12 months beginning in January 2023.

Objective Description MLK PCC Clinic will provide a minimum of 3 outreach events in highest need census tract by December 2024

Activity Description Provide STI treatment and prevention information in a variety of settings in highest need census tract in the neighboring community

Outcome Description Engage with Community Advisory Board and complete Community Outreach Events in highest need census tract communities