Harm Reduction Expansion (PH)


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1.3 Care First, Jails Last
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Other Public Health Services
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The Substance Abuse Prevention and Control Program’s (SAPC) harm reduction Unit has designed an expansion of harm reduction services to reduce overdose among people who use drugs by building out engagement and overdose prevention (EOP) Hubs involving existing and new syringe exchange and naloxone distribution programs. The funding for syringe exchange programs will support permanent, safe staffing ratios critical for the expansion of mobile harm reduction outreach and supply distribution throughout each LA County Service Planning Areas (SPAs) mitigating geographically-bound and community-specific services inequities specifically including disparities experienced by people of color (POC), people experiencing homelessness (PEH), people who use drugs (PWUD), people engaged in sex work, and people living with and at risk of acquiring HIV and/or Hepatitis infections. In turn, increased staffing will broaden the reach of services which includes frontline overdose prevention and response services, safer drug use, safer sex work education, HIV and/or Hepatitis screening/testing and referrals for HIV and/or Hepatitis treatment. In addition, building trusting relationships will facilitate increased use of the Medications for Addiction Treatment (MAT) and other related programs with demonstrated effectiveness at reducing overdose. Expanding the overall number and reach of EOP Hubs will enable staff to: 1. Support service recipients through engagement, education, and service provision and navigation. 2. Increase the distribution of harm reduction supplies including naloxone, syringes, condoms, safer drug use kits, hygiene supplies, and other critical harm reduction supplies. 3. Provide an accessible means to dispose of used syringes. These activities will reduce harm by preventing the spread of communicable diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis, COVID-19 and others.

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