Substance Use Disorder Court-Based Diversion


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1.3 Care First, Jails Last
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Other Public Health Services
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DPH SAPC will enhance its ability to offer outreach, engagement, education, screening, and linkages to substance use disorder (SUD) services via co-located Client Engagement and Navigation Services (CENS) counselors at three Rapid Diversion Program courts (Antelope Valley, Van Nuys, and Clara Foltz Criminal Courts Building). CFCI funding will support 2.0 full time equivalent staff across the three identified RDP courts to work collaboratively with DMH and court personnel to provide SUD services to individuals eligible for diversion. DPH-SAPC will also expand residential substance use disorder treatment services to justice-involved adults in existing and forthcoming facilities. The 99-bed facility in the Behavioral Health Center on the Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital Campus in winter 2022 will offer additional opportunities to reduce recidivism and engage in diversion efforts. In addition, through a joint Departments of Mental Health and Public Health grant, the California Health Facilities Financial Authority - Community Services Infrastructure supported the capital costs for thirty-three beds in the facility that will be dedicated to individuals meeting criteria SAMHSA Intercepts 1-3, through collaborations with law enforcement, Office of Rehabilitation and Diversion, and other partners. Residential treatment provides 24-hour, non-medical, short-term rehabilitation services for patients with a substance use disorder diagnosis. Maximum lengths of stay start at 30 days, but may be extended, based on medical necessity. Residential treatment is currently reimbursable through Medi-Cal; however, the costs associated with room and board are not. CFCI funds will help leverage local dollars to support room and board costs associated with residential treatment. The meal rate at the BHC is currently established at a rate of $39 per day per individual (a total of $1.5 million per year) additional funds will be utilized to support other R&B for other SUD-contracted residential facilities serving justice-involved individuals.

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