Capital Projects - Project Angel Food

CEO Capital Projects

County Spending Category
3.4 Capital Projects
Federal Expenditure Category
Prevention in Congregate Settings (Nursing Homes, Prisons/Jails, Dense Work Sites, Schools, Child care facilities, etc.)
Project Launch Date
Anticipated End Date

Project Contacts

Indicators & Metrics to Date

  • Number of Households Receiving Eviction Prevention Services (Including Legal Representation)
  • Number of Affordable Housing Units Preserved or Developed
  • Number of Jobs Created
  • Number of Applicants
  • Number of Applications Approved
  • Number of Grants Provided
  • Number of Families
  • Number of Residents
  • Number of Business Served
  • Number of FTEs assigned/rehired for this program

Target Populations

  • People with Disabilities
  • Systems Impacted Individuals
  • Systems Involved Individuals
  • Individuals Experiencing Mental Health Disorders

Project Description

Project Angel Food is a remarkable non-profit organization serving seriously ill individuals in Los Angeles County since 1989. They started with a focus on providing aid to those with HIV/AIDS, and over time, they have expanded their services to include people with cancer, kidney failure, and heart disease. In 2022, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Project Angel Food's services surged by 42%, providing 1.5 million meals to those in need. They believe everyone deserves access to nutritious meals, especially those facing severe illnesses. To further enhance their impact, Project Angel Food has set ambitious goals for the next six months. They aim to increase meal production by 25% and reduce preparation time by 15%. They also collaborate with nutrition experts to develop an extensive nutrition program to help their clients improve their health outcomes. Additionally, Project Angel Food is establishing a Research and Policy Institute to study the impact of COVID-19 on vulnerable communities. This institute will help them better understand their client's challenges and develop better strategies to address them. In summary, Project Angel Food is an incredible organization that delivers compassionate care and nutritional support to those most in need. Their work is essential in improving the health outcomes of seriously ill individuals in Los Angeles County.

Goals & Objectives